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Village12 trains volunteers how to be effective field project managers. Our holistic, self-guided training program identifies the needs of a community and designs projects to address those needs. Village12 follows a simple process to initiate and sustain self-sufficient projects in a community. Learn about this process below, read through our list of projects or volunteer with us in Dominican Republic.


There is a tremendous amount of research that must be done before a project is ready to be implemented in a community. This includes performing a community assessment, identifying community leaders, drawing out schematics, designing curriculum, etc. Take our self-guided course to learn how we do it.


Check out current projects, donate to future projects or browse through our project archives.


Our Volunteer house is located in Munoz, Dominican Republic. Work on current projects, prepare for upcoming projects or take the self-guided course and learn about our holistic approach to community development.

About Munoz, Dominican Republic

Batey Medio, Munoz, Dominican Republic, our partner community

Our Volunteer House is located in the heart of Munoz, a small farming town outside Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Munoz is home to about 15,000 Dominican people and about 1800 Haitian people. Since January 2012, Volunteers have been working an impoverished Haitian community, particularly people living in the Middle Batey, or sugarcane workers camp. (These people were laid off years ago from cutting sugarcane and are now unemployed, uneducated, stateless and living in very poor conditions. Learn more about the history of the Dominican Republic sugarcane industry here.)